BMW 120 Engines Can Make Your Dreams Come True

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November 7, 2018

It has everything you want from the brand and will not let you down

BMW 120 engines is certainly not a new one and not rare also. It is still easily available and gives you pleasure while owning it. It is in the middle of the range and has that driving flare which makes it really fun while travelling. This one is especially for those who want this brand badly. Then whether its rear space is a little less or its styling is different, it doesn’t matter. When you love a brand badly you want to have it at any price. Same is the case with this one. The prestige and honour which comes with a BMW cannot be replaced by any other one. Their rear wheel drives are perfect to distribute power throughout the vehicle but one thing comes with it that the rear space becomes cramped. But it is not that no one can adjust there, it is not for the taller people. An especially when the front passengers are tall, the backspace becomes more uneasy due to seat adjustment. BMW 120i engines are another treat to enjoy and you can cruise as much as desired and the vehicle will not complain.BMW 120 reconditioned engines are also easily available when buying a new one is not within your means.

The twin-turbo engine and automatic gear change works very well

Engine which is there to help this one gain power is a 2.0-litre twin turbo four-cylinder engine. The power it generates is 150 hp and to cover 0-62 km/hr it takes 8.7 secs. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission which works very well combined with the twin turbo engine. Many things resemble next in line 125i only one-sec difference is there in the coverage speed and there is an automatic sports transmission in this one. This means that the overall performance of the 120i BMW engine is almost the same for both. Like others, there are three modes to choose from but the engine remains smooth for all the three. You do notice a change in the behaviour of the engine with a change of mode. Engine power generation is one promising feature which is common throughout the 1 series.

It drives well in the difficult situations

You are climbing or descending from a steep surface, the car will show great road grip and pull from the engine to give stability. The Eco or Comfort mode makes the ride relaxed. The cabin will also have the same effect as the driver and steering wheel will. The Sports mode is definitely a bit more demanding and the driver has to put the effort into doing the driving action. The road surface will also be more prominent and an overall sports car effect is what to be achieved through it. If you are in the racing mood then go ahead with this one. But for a comfortable and a long journey, the Eco and Comfort mode suits the need more. One more thing is that you get a good fuel economy with both these modes.

A good Technology Side

What is more interesting is that this one is not a top of the line trim but it has a cluster of tech ready to be played with along the way. The animated videos make your tout through the technology side on the screen more attractive. You can spend hours to know everything and explore every aspect. But this does not mean that the system takes longer to respond it is just that there is a lot to know about the technology side in this car. And every gadget is according to what the present scenario in advanced brands present.

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