Citroen Relay is a Good Alternative to Best of Large Vans

Reconditioned Citroen Relay engines

March 8, 2021

Only reversing could be tricky and for this, we can anticipate a standard rear-view camera or rear parking sensor

Citroen Relay is a diesel engine van and with its big capacity quite appealing for buyers. New carbon emission standards are met by this efficient diesel power unit so more units of the van are sold in Europe and elsewhere. Reconditioned Citroen Relay engines are available to reduce your engine replacement expense. Other than the compliance with stringent emission standards the engine is punchy so you would like its performance. Refinement is an issue because noise remains audible, no matter at what speed you run this van. Use of low standard plastic for front cabin and driver’s adjoining seat comfort cause complains about this remarkable van. For commercial drivers usually carry big loads, Relay is a cheap option and the running cost also quite low. The joint product of Fiat and Peugeot is an excellent commercial load haulier. With its decent drive dynamics ability to carry big loads, the van is challenging the superiority of Ford Transit. In appearance, you get an idea of its load area space so if you want a commercial van, you would like to own it. Flexibility in dimensions makes this van a perfect van for different tasks and jobs. For any big vehicle, driving position is important and Citroen Relay offers you an elevated driver seat so that visibility remains good. Only reversing could be tricky and for this, we can anticipate a standard rear-view camera or rear parking sensor. Without these two aides, you find parking really difficult so owners’ feedback will result in the inclusion of these features.

More powerful 2.0-litre Blue HDi engines

The width of all Relay vans remains 1.4 meters whereas different wheelbases offer different load area volumes. This capacity range starts with eight cubic meters and reaches seventeen cubic meters. Remanufactured Citroen Relay engines have the same efficiency to pull as you expect from a new power unit. The payload capacity of the smallest Relay engine is 1155 kg and the biggest of the range has 1900 kg. Navigation facility is standard for all Relay vans so no driver needs to ask about the location of a destination. This facilitating feature has been missed by rivals so the van stands out among competitors. Desired air conditioning and parking sensor are available in Enterprise trim package. Four body lengths, three body heights make a variety of dimensions with different combinations. More powerful 2.0-litre Blue HDi engines give similar output but lower fuel consumption so you will have a stronger attraction for newer models of the van. With enhanced fuel efficiency emission figures also lowered and annual road tax decreases. In its class of commercial vans, this van has one of the best fuel averages. The best running cost is offered for the panel van model and Drop-side Citroen Relay van consumes the most fuel in the line-up. Tyres moving on the road create sound and a cabin has not been built to keep it out. Similarly, wind noise also gets in to make the drive and ride itchy. On the contrary, the engine is quiet and inside the cabin, you will not hear the noise of its functioning. In this way, refinement needs to be improved further.

A large glove box can hold bigger objects

Used engines are improved by removing their problems and replacing faulty parts. Citroen Relay used engines also go through inspection and after finding their problems technicians make them as good as possible. The ride of the Relay also not very smooth and the partially loaded van bounces much while moving on bumps. Ford Transit on other hand offers a supple ride and extremely refined in comparison to Relay. Some useful feature enhances the driver’s comfort and these include power windows, central locking and clipboard. The large glove box can hold bigger objects and a storing place with a lock added further practicality to the cabin. Cup holders and covered storage place also present and these places are enough for driver and passenger. Springs underneath the driver’s seat are standard but for additional comfort, you can add optional suspension. This addition will keep you relaxed after hours of driving. The comfort of seats’ occupants has not been focused as you get little padding to avoid a hard feel. The legroom and shoulder area is generous so space is not an issue. With some great features, the van needs to work upon other shortcomings to be the most suitable large van for buyers.

Citroen Relay offer the option of heavy duty suspension

In summer you get a pleasant feel with a standard air conditioner in Enterprise trim package. Towing capacity of the Relay van also very good so Citroen Relay caters for your needs of carrying load very effectively. Longer wheelbase models carry more loads so they need tougher rear suspension. Citroen Relay offers the option of heavy duty suspension to carry as much as 4 tons of load. Load are height reaches 2.1 meters and the minimum load area height of Relay starts from 1.6 meters. Rear doors are hinged and open to 180 degrees. Optional 260 degree opening doors also available. The sliding door on the driver side is standard and you can have it on both sides after paying the price. The warranty of the van also reasonable and service interval has been stretched to reduce running cost. One diesel engine of Citroen Relay comes with different outputs so you can choose the right model.

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