Fiat Ducato Electric Van Will Hit Markets in May

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April 27, 2021

There are many competitors in this segment but Fiat Ducato is the first one to come with zero emission

Fiat Ducato is a high-priced van and it offers you excellent features as well as drive capabilities. New nine speed auto transmissions are new to the van and further improves the driving experience. Safety features have also been added and these were demanded by buyers of Ducato. Comparatively high fuel average is a problem. New all electric Fiat Ducato has also been launched with a range of 230 miles. Capacity at rear ranges from 10 cubic meters to 17 cubic meters. Even with a special grant for plug-in vehicle price remains quite high. There are many competitors in this segment but Fiat is the first one to come with zero emission. Fiat has offered this all-electric van in several configurations so that buyers feel attraction. You can choose from different lengths, heights and wheelbases. Chassis cab and passenger van variants are also part of the line-up. You can choose from a variety of used Fiat Ducato engine when your original van engine stops working. Fiat Ducato passenger van has a capacity of five or nine passengers. Only one optional trim has been offered by Fiat. In standard, you get heated wing mirrors, climate control, and a steering wheel with additional functions and a touch screen of five inches. Improvement on safety fronts includes lane departure warning, emergency braking and traffic signal recognition. Practicality seen in diesel engine models of the van is also part of the new e Ducato vans.

Apart from exterior features, you get some changes inside

Two passengers’ seats are offered in the front cabin with the driver, driver side sliding door, split rear door and steel bulkhead between the front cabin and load area is present in all electric Ducato. Fiat Ducato remanufactured engine is sold with a guarantee of performance because the seller has tested and tried the same. There is an option of the e-Tecnico model of the van, which is pricey but also lavish. You get fog lamps, LED day lights, a rear camera and sensor for parking and electric wing mirrors. Apart from exterior features, you get some changes inside the cabin as well. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather, an infotainment system touch screen of seven inches and connectivity with both types of smartphones. A connected service is also for every buyer of the all-electric Fiat Ducato for 12 months. The smartphone application let you know the location of the van and also allows you to stop the engine of the van in case of theft. Crash assistance service is also offered in the same connect service. So, you get good value of the extra money spent on this model. The electric motor is capable of 121 bhp with a torque of 280 Nm. These figures are identical to entry level 2.0-litre diesel engine power output. Payload capacity is 1885 kg so Fiat all electric van has quite appealing details. Top speed has been limited to 62 mph and it has been reduced to maximize the range of the electric motor. Two different battery options are currently offered, 47 kWh and 77 kWh. The range of the first one is 113 miles and the second one increases the range more than double, 230 miles.

Further fifteen thousand pounds added to the base price

The small battery model comes with a 7-kW charger which is quite handy in terms of charging in 2 and half hour time. Van’s owners can get Fiat Ducato replacement engines because the structure of the van is more capable than power unit warranty time. The price difference between the two batter models is significant. Further fifteen thousand pounds added to the base price when the 79-kWh battery model is selected. This one also comes with an 11 Kw charger to fully recharge the battery in just four hours. The range of the two models also varies a great deal. 113 miles and 230 miles so the expensive model worth your money. Extra assistance is available to buyers of both vans in the shape of 50 kW DC quick charging, with this facility your Ducato becomes able to cover 62 miles after 30 minutes of charging. This kind of assistance is critical because electric vehicles are new in the market so additional support is very important. Four driving modes are also part of the features of the new Ducato vans. You can easily shift from one driving mode to the other according to your track requirement.

In this mode, you get maximum output

Normal is the first one and as its name denotes, the driving mode ensures a balance between performance and fuel economy. The economy is the second one to increase the range to the maximum so shifting to this mode turns off air condition. When you have a fully loaded rear area then you need Power mode. In this mode, you get maximum output of the electric motor so hauling becomes rather effortless. In appearance, this electric model of the van is identical to diesel engine models. To keep the load area identical as well electric batteries have been placed under the floor. It also reveals how intelligently this new Ducato has been designed so that buyers may not feel reluctant to own new models. The front cabin has been changed to become suitable for an electric vehicle. The infotainment system has also received some tweaks to become different from the usual Ducato infotainment system. Environment protection is the biggest achievement by producing another zero-emission van.

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